The Advantages of Small Business Legal Plans

Have you considered a Business Legal Plan for your small business? If not, you should. Information is the most vital part of your business and having access to quality and timely information will determine the effectiveness of your business decisions.

There are several companies offering “legal business insurance plans” which allows you to take advantage of legal services for a small monthly membership fee. The plans vary from company to company and range anywhere from $45 to $150 monthly. The costs depend on the size of your business and plan you choose. Many of these services do not require a contract and there are no cancellation fees.

Some plan offerings include:
– Unlimited phone calls to attorneys on any subject matter.
– Document and contract reviews.
– Letters and Phone calls on your behalf
– IRS Audit protection
– Collection Services.
– Identity Theft Preventative Services.

Any services that fall outside of the plan benefits will incur an additional charge above the monthly membership price, but generally discounts do apply. The discounts vary by company but are generally 25% off the normal hourly rate of the firm.

The question always arises: “What kind of attorney will I get for that price and how can they make it so cheap?” The networks of attorneys utilized are generally AV rated by Martindale Hubble. The AV rating is the highest rating a law firm can receive. The price is low because of the number of memberships compounded monthly allows them to offer the service at a reduced rate. The same idea as buying from a bulk discount store, they have a membership fee to reduce their costs.

Many business owners do not see a need for legal plans because their business “does not have legal problems.” The truth is every time a customer walks in the door, you hire an employee, sign a contract, have customers that refuse to pay, etc you have a legal issue. When legal issues arise we tend to ignore them, attempt to handle them ourselves, or talk to friends and ask their advice. We usually do not use attorneys because at $150 an hour, the phones heavy.

Is your business complaint with all Local, State, and Federal laws? Attorneys can help you with compliance issues and advise you on courses of action to correct issues before they become problems with fines and penalties.

Do you have customers that refuse to pay their bills? When we send collection letters to delinquent customer it’s not as effective as an attorney sending a letter with their letterhead on it. The best part about utilizing this form of collections is the check is mailed directly to you. You keep all of the money owed to your business without having to pay the attorney a percentage as you would a traditional collection agency. Utilizing legal service plans enables you to recoup money more quickly and effectively. Owning a small business legal plan will help you grow, develop, and protect your business.

SUV Insurance Coverage

SUVs are fun to drive and offer versatility and space for carrying lots of people and luggage. Having great SUV insurance coverage is ideal to protect this important asset and the people who drive and ride in it. Knowing that you are financially covered when you go from place to place will make you feel safe and secure every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Thankfully, there are local SUV insurance agencies that can help you get a great and affordable insurance policy in just minutes. There’s no need to spend lots of time searching and hunting for the best rates — let someone else to the work for you.

Liability insurance basics

Serious and damaging auto accidents happen every day and not all drivers meet the legal insurance minimums. There are many different things that can cause an accident, but in some situations, the poor decisions of a driver or a moment of inattention can cause a collision with another vehicle. Liability insurance includes coverage for:

  • Damage or destruction to another person’s property while you are driving your SUV
  • Injuries to other people while you operate your SUV

Most individuals do not have sufficient savings to cover these kinds of expenses out of pocket when they unexpectedly happen. You deserve to have the auto insurance coverage you need at a price that you can afford. Picking up the phone and calling today means that you can make sure that you are getting an affordable rate on your policy and that you are not unnecessarily wasting money.

What Are The Benefits Of Legal Protection Insurance For An Individual And A Business Owner?

Legal protection insurance is another name for legal coverage or legal insurance. This is really one of a kind insurance, which is helping people a lot at the present time. If you have this insurance then the insurance company will resolve all your legal money matters. These companies are all over the internet and they make sure that you are provided with all kinds of protection in your life. If you are sued for any reason than your legal protection insurance will prove to be a very worthwhile investment. Given below are a few advantages of investing in this kind of legal insurance.

The legal expenses coverage will help you in many ways. If you have a legal issue, if you have sued someone or someone has sued you then your legal insurance should cover all of these expenses. Some companies only cover your legal expenses if you have already purchased a protection policy from them. But there are some companies that are willing to pay for all your legal expenses even if you buy that policy from them after you have been sued. Moreover, this goes for individuals and companies both. This is a very positive aspect of this insurance.

A lot of the time people create partnerships to start a business. It is quite rare for these partnerships to last that long. In the case of a partnership break up one of the partners ends up being sued by the other. A lot of legal insurance policies will even take up the responsibility of your legal expenses in this situation if you are at the wrong end.

Even if you are the sole owner of your business, proper legal insurance will help you. If you are sued by your insurance company or a customer has filed a case against you then your legal insurance will make sure that you do not become the victim of out of control legal fees. Your insurance company will handle your legal expenses which will include the fee that you will have to pay to your lawyer to handle your case properly.

You have the choice to choose your own lawyer. The insurance company will provide you with a list of lawyers that they think are suitable for you. If you are not satisfied then you are given a free reign and you can choose whichever lawyer you want. In addition, if you select a lawyer from their given list then you will be adding more coverage benefit to your legal insurance policy. You can be assured that these lawyers are fully qualified and capable to defend you at all costs.

It will cover a wide range of things like filing for a divorce, the drafting of a will, being involved in a serious accident, criminal matters, civil matters, disciplinary hearings, grievance, personal injury and many more. To find out the entire coverage of the policy you contact the insurance company. However, remember not all companies are going to provide these things and they change from place to place. Choose wisely and you will be legally covered for the rest of your life for every matter.

Car Insurance – How Can I Lower My Premiums

During the last few years, the average car insurance premium has virtually been at a stand still. The reason is price competition. There are now over 100 car insurance companies fighting for your business and competition is fierce. There are always bargains to be found as companies cut their premiums to attract motorists in the hope you’ll remain loyal and stick with them in following years. Indeed, every year, 23% of us renew our motor insurance with our existing insurer.

But in recent years the Internet has created a revolution in the marketing of car insurance. It makes shopping around so easy without the need to make loads of phone calls and without spending time threading yourself through the automated phone systems beloved by so many call centres.

But you’d be wise to remember that the lowest premium is not always the best. For example, some insurers have recently pushed up the level of claims excess they want you to pay as this helps them provide you with a much lower quote. You should also check out whether a courtesy car is provided if your car is in for repair. You might also feel you want legal insurance cover and automatic windscreen replacement. An accident helpline can also very useful in the middle of an emergency! You’ll need to phone the broker or insurance company you’re thinking of dealing with in order to check out these points.

17 Top Tips

for cheaper car insurance

Get your online quotes through car insurance brokers. Their computer systems will search for the best quotes from 40 or more car insurers and save you lots of time. When you’ve got their cheapest quote, phone them to discuss the relative merits of the cheapest quotes they found.

Garage your car at night. Insurance companies know that a car left on the road at night is much more vulnerable to theft and damage. If you don’t have a garage, if possible keep it on your drive.

Update the estimate of your mileage each year. If you’ve moved home or changed your job you may have shorter commuting journeys. If so, your premiums should be less.

Your premium can be influenced by your job. Landlords, journalists, and professional footballers to name but a few, all pay more! Go for a job that’s a bit more boring! Accountants and civil servants pay less!

Getting married could save money on your car insurance, particularly if you’re male and under 30.

If you’re under 25, add an older experienced driver with a good riving record onto your policy as a named driver. But don’t let him be too old! – premiums start rising again after age 60!

Consider paying a higher accident excess. The average excess is about £100. If you are prepared to increase you claims excess, your premium will fall significantly.

If you have cheap or old car, consider buying just 3 rd Party cover. Get quotes for 3 rd Party and comprehensive insurance and weigh up the savings.

Are you aged between 18 and 21? Then consider pay as you go insurance. Norwich Union has recently introduced the first pay as you go insurance policy, which charges you exactly for the miles you drive. It also charges more for the miles you drive between 11 and 6 at night. The system works through a Global Positioning System which is fitted to your car for a one off fee of £199. The GPS black box tells Norwich Union how many miles the car’s been driven and they send you an monthly invoice.

A new driver? Spruce up your driving technique by taking some more driving lessons. New drivers can slash their insurance costs by as much as 35% by taking Pass Plus lessons. These give you extra training for driving in rush hour traffic, motorway driving and night driving. Lessons cost between £15 and £30 per hour. ( You can also reduce your premium if you’ve taken a course with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (

Buying a new car? Then check out the insurance group before you buy. Cars fall into one of 20 insurance groups with 1 being the cheapest and 20 the most expensive. If the proposed insurance premium is too high, chose a car that’s in a lower group.

High spec and performance cars attract thieves and are more expensive to repair – so they always cost more to insure. Consider something with a little less voroom!

It’s hard we know, but try hard not to speed! Most insurance companies will ignore one fixed penalty fine but get more and your premium will rise.

Got 4 or more years no claims discount? Pay the extra get the discount protected.

Fit a satellite navigation system. Some insurance companies have noticed that sat nav cuts the accident rate by letting drivers concentrate on the road. Insurers will soon be giving discounts if you have it fitted.

Get a engine immobiliser or alarm fitted. It could save you between 5-8%.

Got more than one car in the home? Some insurers will give a discount for insuring them all in one policy.