MLM Companies – Prepaid Legal Leads With Identity Theft Protection

One of the top MLM companies these days when it comes to growth is Prepaid Legal. Prepaid Legal has been around for almost 40 years and has secured a top spot in the multilevel marketing industry. Recently, PPL has teamed up with a multinational company named Kroll International to provide Identity Theft Services in addition to it’s existing legal services. There are many other ID theft services in existence these days, but the service that Kroll Int. Provides stands head and shoulders above the rest. The joining of these two well established companies should prove to be extremely profitable for both Kroll and PPL, as well as the people that represent them. It should also secure PPL a top position among other MLM companies for years to come.

So why is the Identity Theft Protection provided by Kroll any better than it’s competitors?

The ID Theft protection provided by Kroll Int. has many unique features such as:

1. Unlimited access to your credit report.
2. Your choice of unlimited access to either one credit agency or all three.
3. Access to your credit score.
4. Automatic email notification of any credit activity the same day that it occurs.
5. A team of specialists that will take the burden of ID restoration in the case your Identity is stolen.

This service is a perfect compliment to Prepaid Legal because it doubles the security that it provides it’s customers. PPL customers own the legal insurance because they feel they have something to lose. And the people that are in this category have something to lose because they have been responsible and in turn have great credit and a good name. Why not pay an extra ten dollars a month to protect such great assets?

So will this partnership translate into more success for the people that market PPL?

It’s a sad fact that many that enter the MLM industry never reach even a small bit of success with ANY company. Most enter into MLM with absolutely no clue and no real strategy to succeed. They are attracted to the promise of a quick road to easy street. The energy of the company leaders and the crowd of willing followers sucks them in and WHAM… their hooked. But the REAL story behind the stories of quick success are far different from each other.

The real story behind the stories of overnight success is that of years of hard work, struggle, and failure. The supposed overnight successes spent years developing skills that a great majority of people just don’t have, and that most are not willing to pay the price to develop. And regardless of the fact that some do have a tremendous amount of “quick success”, 90+ % of people representing MLM companies wont ever get to leader status in MLM. If you don’t want to be part of the 90+% of mediocre performers and flat out failures, it’s a MUST that you gain the skill necessary to gain financial and time freedom. And remember, if it was easy it wouldn’t be success.